Sunday July 21st, 2024
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BohoBun Is Bringing the Buns, the Doughnuts and the Pancakes to Sahel

Legend has it that the original BohoBun truck was there during the infamous Woodstock festival.

Staff Writer

BohoBun Is Bringing the Buns, the Doughnuts and the Pancakes to Sahel

With the food truck trend taking over Egypt’s eatery scene in recent years, we're always excited to indulge in the newest truck in town. There’s one truck in particular though that we can’t get enough of. With delicious breakfast buns and freshly made Lotus doughnuts, BohoBun knows how to keep us hooked and they're bringing their trucks to Sahel this year. 

With one truck setting up on at Marassi's club house and the other one making its way to the beaches of Hacienda White, we'll be having Instagrammable breakfast buns and creamy Nutella doughnuts, to our hearts content. 

With the original truck being built in the early 70's, BohoBun trucks have become considered somewhat of an antiquity. With Alchemy Design Studios’ Mohamed Fares being the genius behind the new truck’s design, which was constructed from scratch, BohoBun has a wide range of items - everything from pancakes to burger buns, to milkshakes and mouth-watering doughnuts stuffed with Nutella or Lotus. If you're more into the classics, they've also got plain chocolate and vanilla milkshakes. And we get free peanuts while waiting for our food. Now if that ain’t living the good life, we genuinely don’t know what is. And that's not even the best part. Known for their Philly Cheese Steak and their burgers, BohoBun also makes all their sauces from scratch. 

BohoBun’s backstory starts with a journey at the Woodstock festival where we hear the truck served quite a few rock stars in its day. Moving then to Las Vegas, the famous BohoBun Truck found its place among a shaman tribe. One day, a shaman elder blessed the truck with his shamanic prayers after which he got a vision of the truck’s bright future and proceeded to inscribe symbols on the inside of the vehicle's wall. After the blessing and the inscriptions, a young Egyptian on a soul-searching trip stumbled upon the truck and decided to bring it back to Om El Donia for the truck to live out the rest of its days and spread joy among all the burger bun lovers. 

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