Tuesday May 30th, 2023
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Bosla Gives Chart Topping Hits an Arabic Twist

Taking our favourite Pop hits and translating the lyrics, Egyptian musician Bosla, AKA Omar Nasser, has carved out a very special niche.

Staff Writer

The Egyptian music scene is filled with bands that often look to cover songs to fill their sets, with some going as far as devoting their whole act to covering a variety of songs by one artist or group. However, what tends to be rare is finding an Egyptian musician who not only chooses to cover songs but actually translates them so that the Arab World can appreciate the lyrical meaning behind their favourite radio hits. That is exactly was Cairo-native Bosla is attempting to do, as he established his own YouTube channel.

Bosla AKA Omar Nasser is an Egyptian producer/musician/singer-songwriter, developed his passion of music by taking some basic lessons, before venturing off on his own to develop his own personal style. A fan of Pop music, Bosla decided to start his musical adventure by translating English songs into Arabic. The first song he translated was an Arabic version of the globally beloved Maroon 5 song Maps. Posted to YouTube, the video garnered thousands of views in just a few months, giving Bosla the confidence to continue on his path.

Since that time Bosla has posted 13 videos including translated covers for Gotye, Ed Sheeran, Coldplay and John Legend to name just a few.

His latest post appeared two days ago and was a translated cover of Ellie Goulding’s Love Me Like You Do, proving that there is an interest in hearing Arabic versions of billboard hits.

Aside from creating music, the value in Bosla efforts is the fact that his tracks can be used to learn English. Some who don’t speak English still love music even if they don’t understand. By providing Arabic versions of the songs, Bosla provide a bridge over the language barrier and give people a blueprint to understand the meaning of their favourite songs.

With his confidence being boosted with each release, Bosla has mentioned that he may venture in writing is own songs with the hopes of creating full album in the near future.