Friday 3 of February, 2023
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The Boutique Paws: Your Pet's Ultimate Shopping Destination

From studded collars to cute sweaters, The Boutique Paws has just opened up a physical store and it's set to be your one stop shop for all the animal accessories, treats, and even tiaras (yes) you could ever need. We speak to founder Jess Noble to find out more.

Staff Writer

If you're on the lookout for, well, all things pet, Boutique Paws is there to spoil your pooches/kittens/random reptiles with more toys than they could ever imagine to chew on. Which, y'know also saves your sofa from being eaten, which in turn saves you a lot of energy that would've lashed out either at your pet for ruining aforementioned sofa or in mourning over it. The boutique, which was previously just an online store, has now officially landed in Zamalek. 

Things like stylish leashes and scented sprays are available, so you can take your pet out without having to worry about such very important matters such as the leash not matching your outfit if you're a die-hard fashionista. Because OMG, obviously Flopsy can't just be walking around NOT matching your new jumpsuit. Ew, for real. 

We spoke to the co-owner of the shop, Jess Noble, about what her and partner Jess Gulhane specialise in, and essentially their products are simply either unique, have a luxurious twist or are not to be found anywhere else in Egypt. "You can also style your pet with fashionable collars, and be proud watching it stand out in between a crowd," adds Noble. "We also have a large variety of dog leashes made from strong quality leather, as well as chain leashes and spiked collars."

The boutique's got everything from tiaras to treats. "You can even make shower-time more likeable - at least for you - with our nicely scented shampoos and buy your pet gourmet treats if it manages not to shower you along with it! We have all kinds of chews," Noble tells us. 

Plus they have some seriously adorable jumpers and costumes that will require rigorous self-control to hold yourself back from squeezing your pet to death due to sheer adorableness as soon as you see them in it! 

You can check out their Facebook page here.