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Bullied South Sudanese Student Speaks Out, Drops Charges

Authorities arrested three young Egyptian men after a video of them bullying a South Sudanese refugee student went viral.

tiktok video bullying

Earlier this week, a Tik Tok video showing two young Egyptian men harassing a South Sudanese refugee student went viral, sparking outrage throughout the internet. The student, John Manooth, spoke out about what had happened to him during an interview with Ramy Radwan on DMC Masa2.

"One was filming, and two were standing in front of him," Manooth said. "They were tearing at my bag and my books, and didn't want to leave me alone until an older man stepped in, kept them away from me, and walked with me the rest of the way."

The video depicts two young men stopping Manooth while he is walking to school. One of the men begins to harass Manooth, asking him to take a "beautiful picture" with him and then trying to pull off his backpack. After the video made the rounds online, Egyptians across social media reacted with anger, voicing their disgust at the behaviour of the young Egyptian men and sympathy for the victim. As a result of the video and the subsequent outcry, security forces investigated the incident and arrested three Egyptians - the two bullies who appeared on-screen, and a third young man who filmed the event.

"I didn't let this weigh on my mind. We hold the Egyptian people close to our hearts because the South Sudanese and the Egyptians are all one people. The man who helped me is a good person, and I appreciate him because he did a good thing for us," Manooth added during DMC Masa2. "I forgive the three who did this to me... and I hope nothing like this happens to another Sudanese person ever again."

Last night, the three Egyptians were released on bail for LE 2,000.

John Manooth's father dropped the charges against the bullies, explaining that he took their age into consideration and was concerned for their futures.