Tuesday June 18th, 2024
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CAPMAS Suggests Egyptians Spend 29.5 Years Sleeping and Other Fun Lifetime Stats

Ever wonder how much time in a life is spent eating, working, or even watching TV? Good news, CAPMAS has released a survey that answer all these questions and more.

Staff Writer

CAPMAS Suggests Egyptians Spend 29.5 Years Sleeping and Other Fun Lifetime Stats

Have you ever wondered how much sleep you actually get in a lifetime? Well Egypt’s Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics sought to find an answer to this and other age old questions determining that the average Egyptian spends a remarkable 29.5 years sleeping in average lifespan of 71.5 years.

The survey that will surely have Egyptians talking didn’t end with calculating sleep in a lifetime, but also estimates that Egyptians spend an average of 5.6 years watching television, while spending only three years on education, giving a little insight on the state of education in Egypt.

The survey continues breaking down the average life, suggesting that 3.5 years are spent eating and drinking, another 1.4 years taking care of the elderly, 3.1 years moving around, and 5.9 years on social visits/talking on phones.

The saddest statistic of the survey, aside from watching the television, would be that in a life, Egyptians only manage to spend six months on sport activities, attending concerts or visiting museums.

For some these numbers will seem ridiculous, as working in social media we probably work 29.5 years and sleep only 5.6 years. Likewise, these numbers don’t apply to every Egyptian but is rather the resulting average of surveying 3480 Egyptian families in six governorates (Cairo, Alexandria, Gharbiya, Daqahliya, Minya and Sohag). In a population hovering around 100 million, it can be argued that the sample size is too small too truly reflect the total population, while other curious cats will appreciate having a guesstimate the next time any of these subjects are brought in conversation.