Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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CIB Online Banking Service Tells Customer: "Khalas"

"You do not have permission o khalas."

Staff Writer

A Facebook user by the name of Ahmed Magdy has taken to the social media network to share an oddly hilarious glitch he encountered while using CIB's online banking service.

In his post, Madgy shares a screenshot of an error message reading: "You do not have permission o khalas." This rings true with many Egyptians who genuinely believe it is a total financial apocalypse and it is truly over (khalas) for us as the Egyptian economy struggles to recover. We tried to contact Magdy to find out what could have possibly prompted this crude message, so we never have to be dissed by pixels on a screen, but got no response. CIB reassured us, however, that "the error has been fixed."