Thursday July 25th, 2024
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COP27 Guests Can Refund Cost of VAT Upon Departure from Sharm ElSheikh

Delegations attending COP27 in Egypt will receive VAT refunds and a streamlined customs and taxes process at Egyptian airports.

Cairo Scene

COP27 Guests Can Refund Cost of VAT Upon Departure from Sharm ElSheikh

With the Egyptian government hosting, organising, and witnessing COP27 at Sharm El Sheikh, various nationwide services are being put in place in anticipation of the world leaders, industry pioneers and changemakers who will be in attendance. Amongst these services is the easing of the customs and taxes process upon arrival and departure at Egyptian airports for all participating delegates.

The Egyptian Tax Authority partnered with the Customs Authority to ensure a smooth transition into the country by forming a specialised committee dealing with any hurdles facing COP27 delegates. Participants will be exempted from Advanced Cargo Information for any COP27-related imports, and will be refunded VAT upon departure in cooperation with the Central Bank of Egypt, Banque Misr, and the National Bank of Egypt.

The initiative will also entail an operations unit based at Cairo International Airport, which will be ready to resolve any issues with customs and taxes upon the participants’ arrival, along with one based at Sharm El Sheikh International Airport to similarly speed up the process, according to the Ministry of Finance.