Thursday July 25th, 2024
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Cairo Capital Club: Reinventing Food

Some creative culinary craziness is set to hit the city very soon! Hint: themed food fests...

Staff Writer

Cairo Capital Club: Reinventing Food

Many aspiring chefs are creative minds that use a plate as their canvas. Instead of a brush they use a spatula and instead of mixing colours they mix spices, but in the end these culinary artists create a visually stunning piece of art which also just so happens to taste great. In the end however, most chefs get hired by a restaurant, where they'll just be preparing the same ten plates month after month, using ingredients the restaurant provides, which leaves little room for creativity.

Yousry Zaghow wants to brighten up this sad reality for Cairo's most talented kitchen prodigies and enrich Cairo's culinary landscape with a festival of creative dining, taking place every other week at Cairo Capital Club in the heart of Garden City. On January 15, the venue will open the door for a sushi extravaganza for the first time, inviting Cairo's up-and-coming talents to share their original creations with the public. In the following weeks, Cairo Capital Club will push the boundaries of creative dining under a different theme, each time delivering quality food in a beautiful atmosphere that will have visitors marvelling at the magic of food and taste.

For the first themed food event, which will revolve around sushi, Yousry Zaghow will be collaborating with kitchen magician Hany Darwish to create the best sushi in the city for one night only. Darwish has an impressive resume of creating art on a plate and causing taste explosions and he is ready to launch Cairo Capital Club's bi-weekly food feast in a big way. We can't wait to taste the greatness!

For reservations and more information call 02 2794 8247 or 0100869 3924