Saturday 10 of December, 2022
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Cairo Capital Club: The Art of Cooking

In the second of the Food Fusion series of enchanting experiences, Cairo Capital Club invites Swiss Chef Markus Iten to create his culinary delights.

Staff Writer

After the smashing success of their Sushi Night, Cairo Capital Club is taking their Food Fusion Nights to the next level. None other than founder and president of the Egyptian Chefs Association and Assistant Continental Director of the World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS) for the Middle East & Africa region, Chef Markus Iten from Switzerland, will be cooking up a storm for the most extravagant dining experience in Cairo on Wednesday, February 11th. While being stunned by the most amazing views Cairo has to offer, Chef Markus’ menu will enchant you even more.

With more than 40 years of culinary experience, there is no other chef available to the simple folks of Cairo that can convince taste buds the way Chef Markus can. Beef Tacos with Wasabi Mayo, Chicken with Wild Mushroom Velouté and Caramelized Figs with Mascarpone are just a few highlights guests are expecting at Cairo Capital Club’s Art of Cooking Night. Like always, the expression of culinary artists is the centre of each dish, ensuring that not only the food but the presentation are of the utmost standard.

The idea for the Food Fusion Nights was born at Cairo Capital Club to give culinary talent an output for expression. Preparing food is as much an art as a talent, Cairo Capital Club’s Yousry Zaghow tells us, and artists deserve a chance to express themselves on a plate. Giving chefs the chance to create their very own versions of perfection on a plate for one night only, the Food Fusion Night has become the exclusive opportunity for Cairo’s gourmands to experience food art away from a set menu setting general restaurants impose on their chefs. In that capacity, Chef Markus will be able to go as crazy as he likes, feature his favourite foods and create the plates no other place in the world has ever had on their menu.

To ensure the atmosphere fits the flawless menu, the skyline of Cairo up on the 18th floor of the Garden City venue, the piano player and the welcome cocktail are all part of the effort to create the most relaxing and exquisite atmosphere in the city. Couples are invited to celebrate Valentine’s Day early, friends are invited to celebrate friendship and food lovers are invited to celebrate taste.

Instead of cooking at five star hotels or furthering the culinary scene of Egypt to rise to international standards, Chef Markus is taking a day off from his busy schedule to give all of Cairo the chance to experience his talent. For only LE275 all of Cairo’s taste buds are invited to explode.

For more information about the event, Chef Markus, the full menu and how you can make your reservation, click here, and join us on another Food Fusion Night at Cairo Capital Club.