Sunday December 3rd, 2023
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Cairo Film Connection Calls for Filmmakers

Calling directors, producers, scriptwriters and actors - after a three-year hiatus, the Cairo Film Connection is back, looking to connect independent filmmakers to distributors at the 37th Cairo International Film Festival.

Staff Writer

Gearing up for the 37th Cairo International Film Festival, Cairo Film Connection (CFC) opened the call for film entries for its third installment at the event, which will kick off on November 17th.

The Egyptian co-production platform will not only host Arab filmmakers but also those international artists who have a project with an Arab connection, such as director, producer, co-producer, main talent, location, or subject matter.

Held for the first time in 2010 and once again in 2012, the platform re-launch was announced this year at Cannes, as the Dubai Film Festival also reinstated its Dubai Film Connection following a one-year hiatus.

Aiming to empower filmmakers, acting as an opportunity for them to network with other entities that could turn into potential project partners, the platform supports projects in development and post, and particularly encourages feature-length creative documentary projects in the region.

Applications will be accepted up to July 31st, 2015 and will be evaluated by a team of experts who will select a maximum of 12 projects. CFC will then invite the project representatives, the director and producer, to come to Cairo for 3 days during which they will have a schedule of one-to-one meetings with both local and international producers, distributors, and sales agents. In addition, several cash prizes will be offered to help the projects throughout their development and completion.