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Cairo Governor Announces Plans to Renovate the Iconic Nile Fountain

The fountain has been out of business for as long as Cairenes can remember.

Cairo Governor Atef Abdel-Hamid announced last week that the governorate has signed an agreement with Egypt's Ministry of Military Production to renew and re-inaugurate the famous Nile Fountain, which has been out of service for as long as most Cairenes can remember, Mantiqti reports.

An initial agreement has been reached with an advisory office to prepare a comprehensive study on the renovation plan of the fountain, which goes in line with the government's policy to restore the Nile corniche and Qasr El Nil bridge to their former beauty and glory. The final date for relaunching the fountain hasn't been set yet.

The Nile Fountain was built in 1956, in the era of President Gamal Abdel Nasser. It consists of 16 underwater spotlights and a 950 horsepower pumping motor, enabling it to jet water as high as 100 meters. The fountain has become iconic after being featured in a number of golden-era Egyptian movies, with the most famous being Arous Al Nil (The Bride of the Nile) in 1963.