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Cairo Hosts First Official American Football Match in Africa

While cheerleaders were notably absent, the Egyptian team still looked awesome and their captain gave a movie-style motivational speech.

Over a year ago, the International Federation of American Football officially recognised the Egyptian League of American Football, one of three in Africa, alongside Nigeria and Morocco. Last Saturday, the first ever American Football match on the continent took place at the German University of Cairo.

It was Egypt's first competitive game and they faced Morocco, eventually losing out 26-6. The defeat means the national team will miss out on playing in the 2015 World Championship in Stockholm. Nevertheless, it's quite an incredible feat to have gotten this far considering the sport was pretty much non-existent previously; maybe they just needed some cheerleaders too to spur them on. Check out shots from the match below and video of a half time Al Pacino style Any Given Sunday speech courtesy of the GUC Eagles and 35 Milli.