Friday 9 of December, 2022
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Cairo International Uni to Establish Faculty of Renewable Energy

Through ten study programs including solar energy, wind energy, chemical energy, bioenergy and hydroelectric energy, the university is positioning itself at the forefront of sustainable energy.

Menna Shanab

Cairo University’s International Branch in 6th of October city is establishing a Faculty for New and Renewable Energy Sciences, which will equip a generation of professionals with the skills necessary to drive Egypt’s sustainable development goals.

The new faculty is made up of ten study programmes including solar energy, wind energy, chemical energy, bioenergy and hydroelectric energy. It’s all based on the Italian Polytechnic University’s educational model, after a memorandum of understanding was forged between the universities to facilitate the flow and exchange of knowledge, technology, curricula and experiences.

The agreement outlines an exchange programme for faculty members and possibly students with the development of joint academic programmes. The courses are accredited at the local and international level, enabling Cairo University graduates to compete in the international labour market.

Egypt has made strides in renewable energy over the past decade, jumping up six spots higher in the annual Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Index. With a slew of renewable energy projects inaugurated over the past few years, Egypt is inching closer toward its goal of producing 20% the country’s total energy by 2035 and becoming a regional export hub.

All procedures and services are offered through an integrated, self-monitoring electronic system. Along with the digitized system, Cairo International University provides virtual classrooms, virtual labs and a number of stimulation systems for students in the sciences to benefit from.