Monday 28 of November, 2022
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Cairo Jazz Club And All That Jazz

April 30th is International Jazz Day, and where else would you go but the very home of the genre in this city? Find out what Cairo Jazz Club has planned for you on this jazzy evening...

Staff Writer

On April 30, it’s International Jazz Day and we’re excited. No need to play our own saxophones (not that we know how to make sound emerge from a saxophone by any means, but that's neither here nor here) when we have an institution in this city that is conveniently called Cairo Jazz Club. Not Cairo Pop Club, not Cairo Heavy Metal Club, but Cairo JAZZ Club. Where else would you go on International Jazz Day? WHERE ELSE? We have accumulated all the reasons you need to head over there next weekend. 

Cairo Jazz Club is a party guarantor whether it comes to Jazz or Hip Hop, Electro or acoustic. You can only imagine what will happen if Cairo Jazz Club puts up a party to celebrate its namesake. National and international Jazz stars are invited to celebrate the biggest day in Jazz in style and to bestow a touch of class to the venue that rocks our nights even when the dopest Hip Hop beats or loudest Electro tunes fill the halls of the nightlife hub. On Thursday, no costs are spared to bring the finest musicians the region has to offer to celebrate.

Amongst them are Ahmed Nazmi and his quartet. Having learned to play the piano at age six, he continued to pursue his musical passion by learning the flute, the bass and the guitar. As the bassist for Hawidro he’s an old Jazz Club veteran that can slap dat bass any time. On Thursday, however, his entire ensemble is jazzin' it up to celebrate. Rami Atallah, the grandson of Bib Henein, one of the godfathers of Jazz music in Egypt, is also performing with his group of talented Jazz musicians. Jazz well and truly flows through his veins. 

Hailing from Armenia, Arthur Satyan will perform Latin, Swing and Modern Jazz like he does around the Middle East and the world on a regular basis. For International Jazz Day he chose Cairo to display his talents to. Satyan is supported by Jazz sensation Paolo Orlandi, who takes a break from New York, the home of the whole entire genre, to pay Cairo a visit on the biggest day of Jazz in the year. They say if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere, so let’s show him Cairo Jazz lovers are just as cool as those Yankees.

Thursday is not your everyday affair, and to welcome such classy tunes and musicians your sneakers and sweat pants need to stay home. Think the 60s, when Jazz had its golden era, and let it inspire your wardrobe so make sure you don your classiest clothes for this night of Jazz...

The fun starts at 10 PM so be sure to catch all the Jazzy glory. If you need more info, click here