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Cairo Jazz Club Celebrates Its 20th Birthday

Cairo Jazz Club is turning 20 in July, and they're going to celebrate with a whole series of bashes and concerts until the end of 2021.

Cairo’s contemporary nightlife has seen venues rise and fall, but none have stood the test of time quite like Cairo Jazz Club, which turns 20 in this merry month of July.

Consistently providing entertainment for practically every genre and underground sound, the live music hub holds a sacred place in the hearts of artists and attendees alike, each of whom share messy memories in its dimly-lit interiors. And it won’t be slowing down any time soon, with plans to celebrate the milestone until the end of the year.

With the likes of Mashrou’ Leila, Cairokee, and 47 Soul having historically performed on its stage, Cairo Jazz Club has flown the flag of the local and regional alternative music scene, and we can’t wait to be shamelessly rocking our tired backs in another two decades when we’re God knows how old.

Happy Birthday, and here’s to another 20.