Saturday 10 of December, 2022
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Cairo Jazz Club Gives Eid a grand entrance

Not going anywhere for Eid? Not only is that not a problem, but you will be one of the lucky ones to experience how Cairo Jazz Club celebrates in the city.

Staff Writer

Whoever said New York is the city that doesn’t sleep has never been to Cairo. Eid in the city is going to be sizzling and Cairo Jazz Club is going to make sure of that. As traffic gets better and congests elsewhere for Eid, you'll remember the perks of living in the big city, as from the 17th to the 19th of July Cairo Jazz Club promises to be there for you, even if all your friends and family have left ditched you.

So you have to stick around for the family, not enough cash to hit the road, you’re going through a bad breakup, you got to stay around to water the plant...The reason really doesn’t matter, point is there is no need to sit there and mope. Besides who wants to sit around in a vehicle for hours, and most places will be too crowded anyway. So here’s the deal: CJC suggests you not sit around and complain by offering you three nights to remember. Kicking off on Friday 17th will be CJC regular DJ Miesh, starting the party-binge with pumping beats and dance floor fillers.

Saturday 18th will be Egyptian favourite, Basheer as he present a modern twist to Egyptian folk. The Nubian singer with his strong vocals and melodies will open your ears and instantly put you in a feel good mood.

Sunday the 19th will leave you awestruck with Michelle Rounds and all that jazz. The brilliant vocalist and her motley crew of musicians will be cleaning up your mind after a weekend of hard partying with their sultry jazz tunes.

By the end of the round of hot summer Eid nights you will be thanking your lucky stars you stayed in the city.