Thursday March 30th, 2023
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Cairo Jazz Club: Revive the 50s in Cairo

Travel back in time with Cairo Jazz Club, as the illustrious night spot blurs musical lines with their Electro Swing Night!

Staff Writer

Cairo Jazz Club is famous for giving extraordinary artists a platform and hosting musical experiments that can hardly be found anywhere else in Cairo. On Wednesday, it's time for such a night once again when their Electro Swing evening arrives to defy and blur the borders of Electro, Swing, and music in general.

DJ Hussein Fahmy is bringing the 1950s to the dance floor, a time when the word swag still meant rocking a bowtie and dancing the twist. This illustrious era comes alive with DJ Hussein Fahmy's unique twist on classic Swing hits. With turntables that didn't even exist back when the Swing made people dance, Fahmy is going to create a new, modern Swing sound that will get young and old alike to polish off their dancing shoes and do a little boogying. This musical parade will get you to swing, groove, and shake your hips.

Fancy rockin' like it's 1953? Back then they called it a dance, today we call it a party; so get your petticoats to Cairo Jazz Club on Wednesday night to party to the best some of those golden olden decades have to offer.

More information on the night can be found here.