Saturday May 25th, 2024
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St. Patrick's Day With a Twist

With two awesome live acts, discounts on pints all night and lots and lots green, CJC has St. Patrick's Day covered...

Staff Writer

St. Patrick's Day With a Twist

March 17th, internationally known as the day of the Irish, everything green and those who don’t mind a neverending party, is upon us, formally known as St. Patrick’s Day. Boston’s rivers turn green, people from Dublin to Japan wear green and food colouring makes shots and drinks shine a glorious shade green. Of course, Cairo Jazz Club will have its own green fest, and no efforts will be spared to make this St. Patrick’s Day one to (never) forget as Cairo embarks on its own big Irish celebration.

For this annual event Cairo Jazz Club has invited very special guests to make sure this night has the best vibes and tunes to party like the Irish (because God knows they know how to). Soraya Ksontini, a Swiss Tunisian artist will come to visit from Switzerland, bringing the hottest tunes from Europe, to make her Cairo Jazz Club debut. An Irish theme needs some Alternative Folk, and Ksontini delivers that like no other.

On her personal and artistic journey she has visited many countires and has developend her sound accordingly. This incredible multi-talent doesn't just sing, she writes her own songs, is a scholar and, of course, a superb performer. Hearing her music is more than just a fun night, it is an intellectual experience.

After she has bewitched the crowds, Wust El Balad, Cairo’s very own gems, bring their instruments to continue where Ksontini left off. Authentic tunes will bring an Egyptian twist to the worldwide celebration of clover, stout and leprechauns. And it wouldn’t be St. Patrick’s Day without an abundance of beer, so all drafts will be discounted for the special night.

Sounds like Cairo Jazz Club is the Egyptian answer to the international day of drinking, celebrating and partying this year. So get your green shirts out, learn your favorite chants and don’t miss St. Patrick’s Day at Cairo Jazz Club.