Tuesday March 21st, 2023
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Cairo Runners Are Challenging You to Get Fit and Give Back

The initiative will be donating to the Egyptian Food Bank.

Staff Writer

If not sinking in to your couch and becoming a wobbly globule of flesh and konafa staring blankly at the Netflix menu screen unable to decide what show to watch or even what to do with your own life isn’t motivation enough to go out and exercise for 20 minutes, then maybe Cairo Runner’s #20520 challenge will be! (Or reading that sentence without taking a breath is probably a decent work-out too). The marathon makers are asking people all over Egypt to train in any way they can for 20 minutes, donate 20 EGP to the Egyptian Food Bank and then post a video of your work-out nominating five friends to do the same. And if that isn't enough sweat for you, you can use that exercise to prepare for a 5K virtual run #RunCairoSolo!

Taking place on May 20th, five days before the end of Ramadan, Cairo Runners will organize a virtual race. Numbers will be assigned to the participants like it’s a traditional race, and the proceeds will also go to the Egyptian Food Bank. The run will be on STREAK APP, Run For Good. Participants will need to collect 5,000 virtual coins, and for every coin they collect, Banque Du Caire will donate 10 EGP in return. Moreover, Cairo Runners and Banque Du Caire will join forces to support Ahl Masr Hospital in producing protective clothing and medical equipment to be distributed in hospitals in need.

“While the current COVID19 restrictions mean our events are on hold for now, we are committed to helping our running community and Egyptian society at large to overcome these challenging times and stay healthy,” Ibrahim Safwat, Founder of Cairo Runners, told CairoScene.

To donate, send 4 SMS messages to 9595 with CR in each message. But don’t forget to actually, you know, do the work-out too.