Tuesday October 3rd, 2023
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Cairo's First Chocolate Museum

Imagine Charlie and the Chocolate Factory came to life in City Stars... That's exactly what's in store this March. We speak to the organisers of Cairo's first Chocolate Museum to find out more...

Staff Writer

A chocolate museum? A museum of chocolate? CHOCOLATE? Do our ears deceive us? What is this wondrous thing we hear? Has Willy Wonka risen from the fictional grave? Is he the mastermind behind this? WILLY WONKA IS THAT YOU? Will our lives ever be the same again? Will our weight ever be the same again? These are the questions that keep us awake at night. No, only the last one.

Anyway, realising the ultimate fantasy of every chocolate lover out there, it is not a cruel and vicious rumour designed to get our hopes up; there will indeed by a chocolate factory opening in the city! City Star’s 8th floor will be transformed into a 40002 metre chocoholic’s dream from the 19th to the 21st of March as the chocolate museum comes to town. It’s going to be all chocolate everything. “It’s the first chocolate museum in the Middle East,” Ali Abdel Hady, one of the organisers behind the chocfest, tells us. “It’s only temporary but if people like it maybe we’ll make it an annual thing.” Oh, please do. What can we expect from these three fabulous days where we fully intend on grabbing some sleeping bags and just camping out at City Stars? “Have you seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? That,” Abdel Hady tell us. No for real, they are pulling out all the stops; there will be a lake of chocolate. A LAKE. WE ARE NOT EVEN JOKING. They are literally creating a river of chocolate, complete with a freaking chocolate waterfall. We feel like all our dreams are coming true.

If you would like to indulge your chocolate intellect, you can, like at most museums, learn a bit about the 4000-year old history of chocolate. Or if you, like us, would prefer to just go and stuff your face like the fat kid in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, then please, stuff away. There will be loads of chocolate flavours and brands from around the world for you to try. There will even be a workshop for kids, but y’know, we’ll totally be sitting there, in all our adult glory, next to the 8-yearolds, no shame, because why should children get a workshop and not us? Shove aside kids. The adults are here. 

There will also chocolate statues and an ice cream buffet. Excuse us while we go starve ourselves for a while so we can be thin enough to gorge on chocolate for three consecutive days.

The only question on everyone’s minds now is: will there be oompa loompas?

You can check out their Facebook page here.