Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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Cairo's Most Epic Halloween Party is Happening This Weekend

For the sake of not going into work hungover on a Tuesday morning, Nineteen Twenty Five does Halloween in November!

Staff Writer

Nineteen Twenty Five is the latest 'it' nightlife spot – it's gorgeous, it hosts the best performers, and it gives a damn about how much we've wanted to party this Halloween but couldn't because it's on a dreaded Monday. But, you know how people celebrate Halloween before the 31st all the time? So, why can't we celebrate it after? Totally possible. The sexiest lounge and bar in town is throwing their Incognito Halloween party on November 3rd at 10 PM sharp – those rebels.

Any proper Halloween party means we'll be decked out in incognito mode – unrecognisable behind the makeup and masks, which makes it easier to chug a buttload of alcohol without anyone knowing our true identities. You can't do that on a Monday, though, without showing up half asleep and hungover the next morning – that's if you show up at all. Nineteen Twenty Five's solution: Halloween in November, on a Thursday. You're totally allowed to sleep in and wake up in your costume the next day.

We at the Scene tend to go all out with our Halloween attire – today's highlights being 'plastic surgery' and Banksy's 'Rage, Flower Thrower' – and it looks like we've finally found people who appreciate the fun of playing adult dress-up as much as we do. On November 3rd, we dare you to out-costume us and show up with the most epic costume anyone has ever seen. Aside from outdoing us (which we doubt you'll be able to do), the most awesome costume wins a weekend at one of Egypt's most gorgeous getaways... Sahl Hasheesh. It's scary how awesome this is.

For reservation and details of entrances and table benefits call 01212103512, and visit their Facebook page for more information.