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Cairo360 Apps the Ante

Releasing their long-awaited Android app, Cairo360 puts the city in your pocket...

Cairo360 has been providing Egypt with everything everyone has ever wanted to know for over three years now and apparently that’s not enough for them. They’ve just released a fancy little Android app too, to make sure they go wherever you go. 

Download the app and you’ll get the whole 360 experience on the go at a touch of a screen, from cinemas listings to reviews.  What we loved most was the random button which basically picks something new for you to discover out of their archives of Cairo’s best places. We recently discovered a brothel/health spa with it.

This is by far one of the coolest apps out in Egypt now. If you have not already downloaded it, we can only assume it's because you do not have thumbs. We questioned the Cairo360 team on whether or not the app was some form of tracking device to see if you download porn on your phone but they categorically denied this. Search for 'Cairo360' on Google Play to download the app now.