Sunday May 28th, 2023
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CairoFinds is an ingenious Instagram account that's actually improving the Egyptian shopping experience.

Staff Writer

Shopping in Cairo can be a pain. Not only are stores spread out across the city, so you'd literally have to go all over the place just to cover them all, you can never get a handle on the of sales going on at the same time. There's a sale here, there's a sale there, and a new batch just came in at that other store. It's all super confusing.

Well, we've just stumbled on what's probably the best thing to happen to Egyptian Instagram in a long time: @CairoFinds. Founded by one enthusiastic fashionista, what CairoFinds does is basically inform people of the happenings of the Cairo shopping scene. If there's a new sale, a new collection out in one of the stores or even an article of clothing that CairoFinds deems interesting, you'll find it on their Instagram feed! We spoke to the person behind it, who prefers to stay anonymous, who says: "I was getting positive feedback on my personal Instagram whenever I would post any products so I thought to just give it a go and it caught on." Indeed it did. The closest thing to a high-street shopping guide - unlike the local blogs and magazines that fill their pages with designer stuff and brands that aren't even available in Egypt - CairoFinds is actually useful.

According to CairoFinds, the best sales around town right now are currently underway in Zara, Bershka and Mango. But it's a clearance sale so be quick on your feet, or you'll miss it! Also, CairoFinds let us in on new local website,, where you can find quirky and cool accessories.

Check out their Instagram feed, @CairoFinds, or if you have something you want to be featured on their account, email them at