Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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CairoZoom Launches Zoom Life

CairoZoom is set to become the ultimate platform for fashion, food, art and travel photography.

Staff Writer

While we know how much you guys love reading all the articles on CairoScene, we’re going to call a spade a spade and admit that people prefer looking at pictures – why else would we spend far more hours than we’d like to admit scrolling aimlessly through Instagram, and through countless Facebook albums of some girl from high school’s 2013 vacation? Busted. CairoZoom – where people go for a vicarious experience of Cairo’s bustling scene, or to find out what photographic evidence Cairo will witness of their epic night out – knows this reality all too well, but those guys also know that what the scene has to offer extends far beyond an events calendar. Expanding beyond the nightlife scene and tapping into a more diverse aspect of life, best expressed through photographs, CairoZoom has taken on the challenge of capturing everything (almost) in a new way that has all eyes gawking and everybody talking.

Although CairoZoom will always remain the city’s prime platform for up-to-the-minute nightlife coverage, it’ll now be spotlighting the hottest visual stories from the arts, fashion food and travel scenes – all in the form of awesome eye candy, of course.

ZOOM ART: We're all about that Zoom Life and the arts don't fall far from this tree. From dance, film and theater, to culture, art installations and exhibitions, Zoom Art will divulge the freshest talents in the scene and showcase its aesthetic with slick, crisp visuals and an all rounded scope. 

ZOOM BITES: Open wide; instead of looking at crappily filtered Instagram photos of what everyone is having for lunch, you can drool over Zoom Bites’ albums, flooded with the cacophony of flavours served across the city.

ZOOM FASHION: Get ready for your close up because Zoom Fashion will be featuring the hottest trends and taking you through the ins and outs of the industry with their slick new fashion editorials, highlighting the most iconic designers in the scene.

Here at CairoScene, we’re big fans of telling the city’s stories through the art of intricately woven words; still, we’re excited to experience the Zoom Life through their new sections' riveting visual stories. Have you perused its pages yet?

Take a peek at your new visual guide to Cairo through the CairoZoom website, and keep up with all their stories on Facebook and Instagram.