Monday July 22nd, 2024
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Cairokee Merchandise Store to Open Online Soon

Cairokee lovers rejoice; the band is set to open a new online merchandise store...

Staff Writer

Cairokee Merchandise Store to Open Online Soon

Just as we were ending our day in the office, we all shuddered from the thunderous sound coming from all around us; we looked out the windows of the 23rd floor and the sight we saw made us quiver in fear! Scores of people were amassing, all yelling 'Cairokee' in what looked to be the start of the next revolution. We thought 'Cairokee have done it again!'

We were right, from each corner of the land, Cairokee fans were cheering, all rejoicing in the news of the band's latest announcement; they posted on Facebook that they are planning on launching their own merchandise store online! That's right kids, like all big bands, Cairokee are going to launch their own product line of merchandise that you can buy from Do you know what that means? Now you can buy all kinds of cool stuff adorned with the band's artwork from the comfort of your homes to prove your love and devotion to them.

You can check out their Facebook page here or check out their store on here.