Tuesday 29 of November, 2022
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Calling All Cairo Runners To Karnak

Cairo Runners are inviting you to run through history, in what is set to be the biggest and most scenic event to date.

Staff Writer

We're honestly not sure why Cairo's suddenly crazy about fitness, but it's kinda cool! Well, our bellies are inclined to love KFC's newly re-introduced Shrimpo, but that's probably why we need to hop on that fitness craze immediately. Our favourite running group that's constantly keeping us on our toes, Cairo Runners, are kicking it up a notch by taking over Upper Egypt's finest destination. 

Cairo Runners are no strangers to taking their runs outside of Cairo; the group has just recently taken the runners up to Taba Heights and even went beyond Egypt’s boarders to participate in marathons in Beirut and Rome. In an attempt to shake things up a bit and revive Egypt’s tourism, the group will hold their next 7 KM run in Luxor, the world’s top open-air museum! The run, which is technically more like a trip, will be over the course of four days, from December 16th to December 20th. The runners should gather by 10 AM sharp at Egypt’s Railway Station, where they will take a train south to Luxor.

Apart from the run, which take place early morning on the second day, a list of tours will be awaiting you, like Luxor Temple, The Karnak Sound and Light Show, felouka tour, island-hopping, Valley of the Kings, and much more. The run cost is set at 1300 LE for kids, 1900 LE for a triple room, 2050 LE for a double room, and 2400 LE for a single room. The cost includes transportation, accommodation, all tours mentioned, and a complementary breakfast upon arrival as well as lunch on Banana Island.  

Egypt is a beautiful country and Christmas is just right around the corner, making this a great way to explore Oum El Donia while shedding some pounds in anticipation for Oum el Christmas dinners.

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