Friday 3 of February, 2023
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Calling All Frappers

So, a little birdie told us about a new place opening up in Maadi called The Frapper.

Staff Writer

Naturally, the first thing that jumped to our porn-infested minds was a scene we saw on RedTube of Jenna Haze getting slapped with… well, if you don’t know what ‘Frapper’ means in the porn world, we won’t pollute your clean little minds (but you can click on this Urban Dictionary link if you think you can stomach it). What we will say is that it got the guys among us pretty excited. Excited enough to try it out, without needing an explanation. It turns out that this Frapper comes from a simple, non-sexual equation: feteer+ wraps = Frapper! Crazy, huh?

The new delivery joint is the brilliant brainchild of one of the Egyptian entrepreneurs behind Cairo’s only authentic Mexican fast food restaurant, Gringo’s Burrito. We spoke to Ahmed Nada, who knows the other meaning of the word ‘Frapper’ but decided to use it anyway, and he said: “Everyone loves feteerbut it’s really heavy. So we innovated a thin feteera and turned it into a wrap filled with anything from omlettes and cheese to shawerma and kofta.”

If you, like the Cairo Scene boys, have your brain in your penis and your heart in your stomach, you better get Frapping.

Frapper, 5th Sector, Nirco, New Maadi. Tel: 012 2590 0002 Follow Frapper on Twitter @Frapitup and join their Facebook fan page here.