Wednesday February 28th, 2024
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Can You Kick It?

Drink a beer, play a game and fly to Ibiza with Heineken.

Staff Writer

Alright, so Heineken are giving a chance for four super lucky humans to win a trip to Ibiza to watch the UEFA Champions League Final. The Champions League Final is actually taking place in Wembley, London, so this makes little sense - but who are we to complain? Where would you rather watch the match: stuck in a crowded stadium, in the inevitable rain, being barged around by hooligans OR on in the sun, on the beach with a cool Heineken in hand, surrounded by scantily clad women? Exactly.


Now there’s two ways you can win. The first way is by means of Baby Foot. No! Do not go around kicking babies, the only trip you’ll win is to jail. We’re talking Foosball. Every weekend, in a bar around town, Heineken will be hosting a Baby Foot (Foosball) tournament, the winner of which will go through to the final at the end of this month. Win the final and you’re off to Ibiza. Which bar ba2a? Here’s where the fun (sort of) comes in! The only way to find out which bars are hosting the tournament is to Like their Heineken Kicks It To Ibiza Fanpage where they’ll be posting GPS co-ordinates of the location beforehand and announcing where exactly the day of the event! We like how Heineken are injecting a bit of James Bond into everything they do now but with all those Heinekens you’ll be downing it might be hard to follow a map on GPS let alone win Baby Foot.

The second way to win a trip to Ibiza: check under the cap on the next Heineken bottle you crack open, there’ll be a code. Text that code to 1466 and you’ll be entered into the draw for a trip for two! Simple as that!

Aside from the Ibiza competition, during the week when Champions League matches are going on at Heineken sponsored venues (which will also be announced on their Fanpage), if you predict the scores correctly, you can win some more cool prizes from Heineken.

So what are you waiting for? Do some wrist stretches, buy some Heineken, and pack your bags. It’s time to kick some babies in Ibiza!

Sorry we drank too many Heinekens before writing this.