Monday 5 of December, 2022
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Canada PM Harper Twerks Obama

In a meeting with non-profit volunteers, Prime Minister Harper declares he likes twerking Obama and would twerk every Canadian if possible.

Staff Writer

A group of community leaders were left stunned and confused if they heard right when Prime minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, announce that he enjoys “twerking”. He was very specific that he only "twerks” with close friends and “every now and then with President Obama.”

Prime minister Harper was speaking to a group of 400 Ontario non-profit group volunteers trying to make the point that social media is important, and that he “has a lot of fun twerking” but doesn't “get to do it as often” as he would like.

The PM continues, “Speeches like this have their place for sure, but a quick twerk is a great way to express what I am thinking.” Upon hearing this the luncheon crowd went silent which had Harper feeling defensive “What? Don't I look like I twerk?” He added that he “would like to twerk with every Canadian but that of course is impossible.”

Immediately following the event a spokesperson corrected the Prime Minister's mistake saying, “Prime Minister Harper knows how important social media is to Canadians and enjoys tweeting. He has never and will never twerk. We regret any confusion that may have been created by a slip of the tongue.”

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney was asked if it was true about Harper twerking Obama, which prompted this response: “The President of the United States does not twerk.”

This could very well be just another hoax online, but a few websites are picking up the story, and frankly it is a good laugh.

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