Sunday December 10th, 2023
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Careem Goes Up Against The Sayes By Giving Half-off Rides to Cairene Drivers

Take a well-deserved break from your sayes.

Staff Writer

If you're a Cairene who drives, little can match the sense of achievement you get when you find a parking spot. Especially if you have been driving in circles for almost half the time you were planning to stay at that dinner. This joyous occasion, however, comes crumbling down at the speed of light as the unmistakable "Aywa ya Basha" rings into your ear out of nowhere, here comes Cairenes' number 1 enemy, The Sayes.

While this dreaded phenomenon has been around for as long as cars existed, it has officially been taken to whole new levels in Cairo, and you basically risk ruining your night if you dare ignore the Sayes. All the more reason the leading ride-sharing app Careem is finally giving us a break by giving out 50 percent off for two rides to drivers around the city, applicable with a promo-code which will be left on the windshield of any car left behind in overcrowded areas all over Cairo. So next time you find what looks like a parking ticket on your car, don't freak out just yet; you've been Careem'd! The seemingly-rescue mission is no news for Careem, which has been providing Egyptians with one of the most reliable, convenient and secure transportation means for years. And going forward, they're going to continue doing just that for all of us exhausted Cairene drivers, only it's half off. Don't know about you but in our books, that's a no-brainer. 

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