Saturday April 1st, 2023
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Cargo Ship MV Glory Has Been Refloated After Being Stuck in Suez Canal

Dear Ever Given, is that you? (Thankfully not).

Fadila Khalid

The Marshall Islands-flagged cargo ship MV Glory ran aground in the Suez Canal near the city of Qantara early this morning. Within five hours, the MV Glory was successfully refloated after the canal sent four tugboats to pull it back into the water. The cause of the vessel's run aground is unknown, although the Suez Canal Authority cited technical issues with the MV Glory.

The MV Glory was seen in a single-lane section of the Suez Canal just south of Port Said on the Mediterranean Sea, according to satellite tracking data.

While the news may seem reminiscent of the time the colossal container ship, Ever Given, blocked the Suez Canal for six days, the MV Glory and the regular flow of canal traffic were both quickly restored. 51 vessels are expected to sail through the canal on Monday.