Tuesday December 5th, 2023
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Celebrity Mental Health Podcast Asrar El Nafs is Back

The second season of mental health podcast Asrar El Nafs allows listeners to once again get a glimpse into the psyches of their favourite celebs and heroes.

Farah Ibrahim

The powerful first season of Arabic celebrity mental health podcast Asrar El Nafs featured the likes of Arwa Gouda, Tara Emad, May El Gheity, and striker Ahmed Hassan Kouka. The show afforded listeners a rare and intimate glimpse into the psyches of their favourite stars.

Following a one year hiatus the podcast - hosted by Ally Salama, founder of a media company specializing in mental health - is finally back and this time as part of the popular podcast platform Podeo.

“We’re aiming to be very vulnerable and showcase the reality of human beings,” Salama tells #CairoScene. “Often times people hide under the facade of celebrity status, but the reality is that COVID-19 has made us all feel more human regardless of who you are.”

Salama has also teamed up with Eed Wahda, an Egyptian social support platform tackling gender-based violence, and will be raising donations on their behalf through a link on their podcast channel.

Catch new episodes of Asrar El Nafs on Podeo every Thursday.