Monday 5 of December, 2022
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Chakra Aligns Fashion & Energy

Who said fashion had to be shallow? A brand with a concept, Chakra redefines "bohemian" with their peace loving designs.

Staff Writer

Themes and concepts seem to be a complete rarity in the field of Egyptian fashion design these days. Everyone seems to be focusing on the materialistic aspects, the glamourous high life of the CairoScene, and the party dresses. Very little fashion stores focus on creating a line with a defining theme that runs collectively throughout their designs. However, Chakra seems to defy all these paradigms that seem to be rampant amongst the fashion scene in Cairo. Founded and designed by Gino Kamal, Vanna Imam, Nora Cheichaa and Layla Omar, the line focuses on a bohemian theme, attempting to portrait peace and freedom in their designs. From harem pants to jumpsuits and tunics, Chakra is invested in bringing out your inner-Sienna Miller.


When speaking to Kamal, she described the Chakra woman as "a down to earth, practical, simple woman. The Chakra woman does not need much and wants very little. The more bohemian she is, the more we will get along!" With Chakras (which are the main points of energy in the human body) and bohemian being the defining themes behind the line, Kamal addressed the influences that inspired her and her partners. "We are inspired by art, music, nature, and freedom. We are also inspired by strong women who have influenced and shaped the women in our society and across the world such as Frida Kahlo, Fayrouz, Nadine Labaki and Azza Fahmy." When asked about the inspiration behind the name, Kamal stated "Well, all Arabic names were taken! Besides, now that Bassem Youssef uses the word as an alternative for "Shakhra" we're quite happy with our double entendre!"

With their summer collection out, be sure to check out these women with a mission! Check out Chakra's Facebook page here!