Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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Chat without Signal or WIFI

An innovative new messaging service uses wireless technology to connect mobile phones even without service. We talk to the creators of FireChat to find out more.

Staff Writer

Activists of the world unite - a new app allows you to chat completely off grid without using mobile networks or the internet. FireChat allows users to communicate anonymously without the need to worry that government spooks are watching your every move. The app uses wireless technology to transmit message to users up to 200ft away or further, as it jumps from user to user until it reaches the intended recipient - even if the government has shut down communications a la January 25. The super sneaky app also allows users to message anybody standing nearby without worrying about the consequences.

The app also allows users to create FireChats across Egypt; essentially anonymous chatrooms - to discuss any topic from Al-Ahly Vs Zamalek and Game of Thrones to Italian food and Sisi's latest presidential bid. App developers Open Garden say that the app can be used to have anonymous, fast-paced group discussions and generally cconnect with people, places and things that interest them.

Open Garden spokesman Christophe Daligault told us that "the app was designed for situations where connectivity is a challenge, such as public transportation, college campuses, concerts, sports events, outdoor festivals, etc… Yet the explosive market adoption has surprised us.  At some point the app has reached the top 10 amongst social networking apps in 115 countries and even leapfrogged Facebook and WhatsApp in some markets."

For more information, visit their Facebook page here.