Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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Check In to Asli

Always making Egyptian street food fun, Asli's latest promotion gives you a free sandwich if you check into their Korba branch on FourSquare.

Staff Writer

Kate Moss once said "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels," and though we've all had our bouts of anorexia, we've matured from size zeros to healthy, plump Egyptians and our motto is now "Nothing tastes as good as free food," and it seems we're not alone. Not content with just providing us with quick, affordable and, most importantly, hygienic version of our favourite Egyptian classics, they want to feed you for free, this whole week.

The only catch to claiming your free sandwich is that you have to check in on FourSquare once you arrive at their new Korba branch. For those of you who aren't well acquainted with the social network, all you need to do is download the FourSquare app and make an account. When you're at Asli, pull out your phone and FourSquare will list the restaurant, based on your geographic location. Click on check-in, show the staff and voila! a kebda or sogo2 sandwich is yours. Take that, Ms. Moss.

Find out more about Asli on their Facebook fan page here and follow @AsliEgypt on Twitter.