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CityStars Under Seige

CityStars shopping mall has been evacuated after violence. Here's what we know...

There are reports that a large fight has broken out in the vicinity of Spinneys at CityStars, involving patrons of the store, as well as employees fighting with CityStars security.

The rumours going around about why it all started are as follows:

-          An employee of the Spinneys was harassed by a member of CityStars, pitting employees against each other.  

-          Spinneys is being replaced by a supermarket owned by Khairat El Shater, which means the loss of hundreds of jobs.

-          A game of XD Dark Ride got out of hand.

Ok we made that last one up.

After contacting a few stores in the mall, they confirm things are now calm, though we’re uncertain if the mall will continue operation tonight.