Wednesday October 4th, 2023
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Climate Change & Ancient Egypt

Looking closely at wooden coffins from Ancient Egypt, scientists suggest that climate change may have been responsible for the collapse of the Ancient Egypt empire...

Staff Writer

According to samples taken from the ancient wooden coffin of Ipi-ha-ishutef, as well as wood from funeral boats buried near the pyramid of Sesostris III,  tree rings show the kind of rapid climate change that we and policymakers fear,” said Professor Stuart Manning from Cornell University. The findings in the report provides further evidence to suggest that climate change can happen rapidly with the same devastating effects of a lengthy Ice Age.

Using radiocarbon isotopes found in the samples, researchers noticed patterns that were similar to other places in the world. These anomalies suggests a possible short-term drought event. “We’re in exactly the same situation as the Akkadians: If something suddenly undid the standard food production model in large areas of the U.S. it would be a disaster,” continued Manning. 

The findings of the report may be a shock to the scientific community, but will come as no shock to those who are religious. Scientist can point at tree rings for evidence, but the religious could simply point to the 10 plagues of Egypt, which is a story shared among multiple faiths. Finally science and religion are on the same page.