Wednesday March 22nd, 2023
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Clocks to Move Back This Week

Be prepared to set your clocks one hour back this week!

Staff Writer

The times they are a changing, and by that we mean winter is approaching and once again Egyptians will be moving their clocks back one hour. Egypt's cabinet made the announcement that starting midnight on Thursday, clocks will be set one hour back (so, at midnight on Thursday, it'll be 11 pm again).

First implemented in 1988, daylight savings time was introduced as measure to save energy in the summer months, due to the strains of excessive air conditioning use on the electrical grid.

With Ramadan landing in summer, Egypt has changed its clocks twice already, prompting many in the world to ask 'What time is it in Egypt?'. This wreaked utter havoc with flight schedules, laptops, and mobile phones, which automatically assumed it was the wrong time. Hopefully this time the proper international time keepers have been made aware of the change, resulting in less confusion then the last time shift.