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Their first ever exhibition, Bar D'O's The Chalkboard is set to be the most interesting art show in the city.

Just when we think that their aesthetically pleasing (and massive) cocktails are about as artsy they can get, Bar D’O smacks us with The Chalkboard: an initiative designed to support young, fresh, hot, local talent.

Bar D’O is out with the old and in with the you. Their first exhibition is a shout out to all you young, eager artists. Tired of pretentious old-timers sticking their nose up at your art work? We know that you’re all bored of displaying your art in conventional ways and have taken to the streets. But the streets are scary and full of cats, just waiting for the opportunity to piss on your art. Cats don’t care about your vision, purveyors of cocktails do. And we can’t think of a better background for your artistic endeavours than the raw wood and exposed brick of what is undoubtedly the coolest bar in town.

So they’re taking applications. All you need to do is send two examples of your work (in whatever medium, even sculptures!) to the uber-cool owner of Bar D’O, Khaled Sabry, with their dimensions and prices. This guy used to own some of the most popular galleries across Cairo and is an avid collector himself, so if he likes what he sees you know you’re onto something special. If you’re chosen you’ll be invited to exhibit from the 3rd of May, where The Chalkboard will be inaugurated with a swanky cocktail reception where artists and alcoholics alike can meet and mingle and, hopefully, make an offer.  After all, we all know that beauty is really in the eye of the beer-holder.

If you’re interested in applying to take part in The Chalkboard, send your work and details to Find out more about everything cool and cocktail related by joining their Facebook fanpage here or follow their hilarious Twitter on @BarDoZamalek.