Friday 9 of December, 2022
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Controversial Sex-Ed YouTube Sensation Releases Latest Video

Sex-ed sensation Alyaa Gad is at it again with another informative video. Guess what she's talking about this time… 

Staff Writer
Alyaa Gad has gained YouTube prominence by creating Heba-Kotb-esque videos without the unnecessary fatye. Instead, Gad approaches sexual topics from a medical and informational perspective as she's a graduate of Ain Shams University in Cairo with a degree in medicine, specialising in health education. One would assume that gives her some sort of authority on the topic. Well, regardless of her authority or the vision behind her videos, they spark repeated controversy in this conservative land of ours.
Her most recent video is a Q & A on swallowing semen, and comes after other such informative videos on endometriosis, sex headaches, and the guy who hates condoms. Her website provides sexual health information in both English and Arabic in a professional - sometimes witty - manner. Advice on sex education in the Middle East tends to come in two forms: from khalty on a wedding night, or the countless crevices of the Internet. Dr. Alyaa Gad is attempting to approach sexual health education in a professional manner. 
With every new video, Dr. Alyaa Gad challenges the stigma of sexual health in the Middle East and opens up this can of worms as to why sex is such a taboo topic in this culture. 
Feel free to check out Alyaa Gad's YouTube channel to see what the fuss is all about - then you can formulate your own opinions.