Saturday 26 of November, 2022
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Cook Door LED Screen Freebies!

Get in with a chance of winning a free flat-screen TV every day during the World Cup as Cook Door gets generous...

Staff Writer

Cook Door is apparently feeling seriously generous these days. Like, we're talking actual generosity not we're-giving-away-a-fry generosity. The sandwich heroes have been bitten by the World Cup bug and for the entire month of its duration, they'll be giving away an LED screen every single day - for people to watch the matches on of course. Nope, that wasn’t a typo. They are actually giving away a massive prize DAILY. In a sea of F&B stores that tend to give away like, a chicken nugget or a branded cup you'll break immediately, this is one of the best prizes we've seen in a while.

Now, how does one win this, you ask? Well it's fairly straightforward. Every day starting on Monday 16th June, at 2PM, log onto Cook Door's official Facebook page. They'll be posting a random, fun challenge daily; everything from little quizzes where the first correct answer wins, to cute tasks like asking you to Instagram something. Some days the prize will go to the first winner, some days they'll pick according to the most likes on a photo, some days, they'll just let the sandwich gods decide and pick completely at random. But the important thing is, that you have a shot at winning an LED screen EVERY SINGLE DAY. Guess they really want people to be watching the World Cup…

Anyway, this contest starts TOMORROW so we suggest you head over to their Facebook page sharpish and try and nab the first giveaway before we do. We fully intend on entering every single day until we win ourselves a brand spanking new screen. And then we'll set up a World Cup viewing room at the office, abandon our work, order five or seventeen Cook Door sandwiches, and spend the rest of this month parked in front of the TV, munching away on them. And those amazing, thick fries.

You can check out their Facebook page here.