Wednesday December 6th, 2023
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Could You Possibly Become an Instagram Food Photography God?

Yes, the answer is yes. There's a workshop for that, and it involves picking your veggies from a farm, making wholesome and organic meals, and showing off how healthy you are with kickass photos. Oh, and eating.

Staff Writer

What's with all this healthy stuff taking over the interwebs?! Seriously, we've lost count of how many girls are doing squats (and making it look so easy), how many guys are eating clean, and how many accounts are teaching us about meal prepping and the unfathomable amounts of of dietary lifestyles we know nothing about – vegans, we see you. Then there are the countless Instagram accounts with food pictures that look so good we refuse to believe that the food is healthy. They make detoxing and healthy meals look so good! But how?!

Well, healthy food is probably actually really good, but we're not so good at making that stuff happen without having our hands held – we're disastrous, and we'd end up just giving up and ordering a large pizza and cheesecake and calling it a day. That's probably why Granville St.'s Sarah Khodeir (food photographer and stylist) and the Sara behind Sara's Organic Food and Desert Lake Farms are teaming up with a workshop to teach us simple filter-using junk-food-eating folks how to whip up wholesome meals (after hand-picking some fresh farm foods) and how to style food so Instagrammable it'll make people wish they were eating healthy. 

The workshop is set to take place this fall, which is the perfect season for going to a farm and picking fresh, all-natural foods, no? Also the perfect I'm-apple-picking-on-a-farm-in-the-fall photo opp, by the way. Everyone who participates gets to go to Sara's Organic Food from Desert Lake Farms, cook meals with their straight-from-the-soil veggies, and then learn how to style and photograph the results like a pro. Plus, they've got the secrets on how the Instagram food accounts make us want to get in shape and eat clean. Perhaps the first secret is the fact that all this drool-inducing food isn't processed or fried to the point of being drenched in death? Oh, and once you're done taking pictures of your beautifully styled healthy creation, you get to have dinner together!

Maybe we should hold out on the pictures of our KFC buckets until we figure out how to do this like pros... 

Main image courtesy of Granville St.