Thursday June 8th, 2023
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Coventry University's Egypt Branch to Begin Classes This Month

The Knowledge Hub is here to change the map of higher education in Egypt once and for all.

Staff Writer

The New Administrative Capital is set to soon emerge as the modern center of governance, arts, culture and leisure in Egypt. With countless mega projects planned, a solid educational infrastructure is essential to truly lay ground for a future-oriented metropolis, and the recently-launched The Knowledge Hub Universities (TKH) - a multidisciplinary educational hub in Egypt to host branches of world-class universities - is pioneering efforts to lay the groundwork for an exceptional educational system in the city, with the launch of Egypt's first branch of the UK's prestigious Coventry University having taken part earlier this year, and it is admitting its first class of students this incoming semester. 

Offering a slew of specialisied higher-education programs, The Knowledge Hub Universities welcomed incoming students and parents in a couple of Open House events during August, where the students got first-hand experience on the state-of-the-art campus and got to meet their future professors, most of whom are renowned in their fields both in Egypt and abroad. Coventry University's Vice Chancellor, John Latham, and TKH's President, Mahmoud Allam, were present to welcoming the students not only to the new campus, but also to the anticipated new capital of Egypt - a first-time visit for most students. 

For three days starting September 17th, class of 2019 students will be having their orientation sessions at TKH's Coventry University. Students will get further acquainted with their professors, go on a campus tour, get to know more about the countless extracurricular activities offered at the university, and basically learn everything they need to know before the first ever class at TKH begins on September 22nd.

With diverse bachelor's programs specially designed for the ever-evolving demands of the global work market, TKH is also offering degrees which will be the first of their kind in Egypt, like BS Ethical Hacking and Cybersecurity, BA Digital Media, and BA Interior Architecture & Design.

“We’re excited to be to be opening our doors for students for the first time in Egypt, to experience the excellent teaching and learning environment which Coventry University has become known around the world for providing...We look forward to working with The Knowledge Hub Universities to continue to bring new opportunities to learners in this part of the world,” said Vice-Chancellor and CEO of Coventry University, Professor John Latham.

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