Saturday June 3rd, 2023
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Creativity in #Quarantine with #CoronaArtClub

Four Egyptian artists have teamed up to help you get creative during your Coronavirus quarantine.

Staff Writer

#CoronaArtClub is the new Inktober-inspired interdisciplinary art movement that invites the internet to a virtual huddle of art and creation. Created by Egyptian artists Salma Fahmy, Nada Maghraby, Engy Zayed and others, the initiative sees them announce a key-word per day to spark the imaginations of graphic designers, animators, photographers and even, they hope, sculptors.

“Since we’re all bored at home now, I was trying to get myself to get back to drawing," Salma Fahmy tells us.​ "Then it turned into this thing with hashtags, then the keywords, then an entire thing that invites everyone to pitch in with their own kind of art in their own technique. We aimed for challenging keywords to spice up the game for everyone.”​

Side note, the art is not Corona-inspired - just the
movement. And as usual, it’s beautiful to see the creativity that is unleashed in the most trying of times.

Check out the hashtag and get inspired!