Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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Crossfit MonkeyBars Exclusively at Mountain View

Mountain View and Crossfit Monkeybars join forces to unleash a movement of a healthy lifestyle for all. Let the games begin...

Staff Writer

The sports phenomenon is steadily growing in Cairo, but so far is targeting a specific age group of young adults and teens...but shouldn’t sport be for everyone? What about the rest of us? Mountain View, with their superior design for a better life. and Crossfit MonkeyBars share the same vision of good health and a better life… A healthy lifestyle ought to be for everyone and all’s a revolution people!

Crossfit MonkeyBars targets the whole clan with its certified and professional trainers for all age groups, taking the health movement to a higher level. You have your programs for the little monkeys, the big monkeys and the senior monkeys...Sport for the whole tribe so level there literally is no excuse for excluding yourself from the fitness world...and what a world it is.

Sports make you happy and healthy, it’s that simple. Breaking your mundane routine it is a chance to meet new people and find a passion that you can embrace with all members of the family. It’s all about a variety of movement as MonkeyBars make sure the programmes are innovative and keep you motivated, so that it’s not just about a good workout, it’s about adopting a wholesome lifestyle. This is especially true at Mountain View where the work out meets clean air and green scenery for uplifting vibes that will leave you glowing the rest of your days. Remember: studies show that inactivity and laziness cause as many deaths as smoking across the world and Crossfit Monkeybars is striving to make sure less and less Egyptians become statistics. As for the experts who already carry the philosophy and claim pro’s time to challenge yourself.

In Mountain View I, aside from Crossfit, The Monkeybars Studio offers Pilates, yoga and megatone. Their intensive yoga program compliments any sport you do on the side especially with Crossfit as it helps muscle flexibility and joint mobility. Staying true to the monkey lifestyle, gymnastic will be playing its role too so that you have the option of walking with either your hands or your feet. For the herculean ladies and gentlemen, the Olympic Monkeys programme, which can be either private or in a group, will help you master the technique and strength needed for weightlifting so you’ll be carrying your groceries with both style and grace. 

Don’t even think about blaming Ramadan for being a couch potato. The unique atmosphere at Mountain View offering clean air and a wealth of health inspires a year round work out. MonkeyBars is on full force for Ramadan, and have adjusted their classes and timings to optimize your routine without putting you at risk. It is never too late to get fit and make sure you are energized for the rest of your days. Escape the hustle and bustle of traffic and routine, breathe in clean air and break a sweat.

Find out more about Mountain View on their official website here. Follow Monkeybars on Facebook here.