Monday 28 of November, 2022
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Last Wednesday might be remembered by some of you as a day framed by the political shit-show we are slowly sinking in to. But don’t be all that glum.

Staff Writer

There were those who exchanged an experience of gas masks and baton beatings for a much more pleasant event at our favorite joint in town, the one and only Cairo Jazz Club.

That’s right. If there’s one thing you can count on, it’s Jazz Club’s perseverance in catering to your guilty party pleasures. While you might think the event was destined to fall flat on its face, you’ll have to think again. The third episode in CJC’s DANCESTOCK series of parties (held every Wednesday) was a delightful night blessed by Misty & Hafez and Patrick Hagenaar’s outstanding musical performances.

The crowd, though smaller than its usual scope and size, grooved and boozed through the night, getting drunk on the phenomenal cocktail of sounds… Well, that, and the alcohol. Obviously. Deck dazzling duo Misty & Hafez opened up the night with their unique orgasmic blend of nu-disco, tech-house beats which provoked the usual rounds of head shaking and open hand fist pumping that we have all gotten used to. They never let us down.

Once Dutch dynamo Patrick Hagenaar took to the decks, you had your lovely ladies breaking it down on the dance floor, stopping every now and then to admire the DJ’s terribly cool shirt that read: “I am Patrick Hagenaar. Who the fuck are you?
Three words came to mind: ‘Who am I?’  He made me analyse and question my own existence simply by sporting an outlandish T-shirt. Well done Patrick, that kind of deep analytic thinking is not usually aroused by a Dutch DJ.  Who am I indeed? Am I simply a lost soul, floating among a sea of empty cells all searching for…
Then I forgot where I was going. Though I had almost reached an epiphany, Hagenaar, like a dark, Dutch dragon emerging from a cave of electro-tech beats, took me to another place with his high-octane hooks and devastating melodies. The clapping began and the dancing carried on way into to the night. This wasn’t about who I am, this was escapism in its the purest form. Fuck it, *clap clap clap*…

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