Friday April 12th, 2024
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DJ Fuzzy and Ayman Nageeb R Somebody

Ahead of their We R Somebody party at Graffiti on Tuesday 21st April, we catch up with the DJing duo that have got crowds dancing at pretty much every venue in Egypt...

Staff Writer

DJ Fuzzy and Ayman Nageeb R Somebody

They may have the most absurd duo name in the Egyptian DJ scene, but over the past year, they have spun almost everywhere under the sun bringing their no-nonsense vocal and Deep House drops to the raised hands of thousands. We catch up with DJ Fuzzy and Nageeb and have a listen to some of their tunes ahead of spinning at their own party series 'We R Somebody' at Graffiti this Tuesday, 21st...

Where did DJ Fuzzy get the name fuzzy?

Fuzzy: Actually my name is Ahmed Fawzy and all my friends called me Fawzy, so I tried to find a similar nickname and I found Fuzzy.

Ayman Nageeb, have you thought about giving yourself a DJ name that goes better with Fuzzy?

Nageeb: I've always liked my name and never had a nickname. Plus I think my name is OK as a DJ name along with Fuzzy's, it has a harmony to it.

How did you guys first get into DJing and then producing and when did you decide to team up?

Fuzzy: I have been a DJ since 2004 and was taught by DJ Khaled Hussein. In 2011, I decided to shift my career and started to produce my own tracks. 

Ayman: I have been a DJ since 2010 and learned from DJ Academy along with Fuzzy's help and we started to become friends at that point. In April 2014, we decided that we can collaborate because we felt that we complete each other and have great chemistry which will allow us to make a great team.

How would you describe your sound?

Nageeb: In our DJing and productions, you will find a lot happiness that gets people dancing and I think this is the best thing you can do in DJing, which is why we are focused on this.

What kind of music did you listen to growing up?

We listened to Rock and Hip Hop along with Deep House, Nu Disco, Tech House and Techno.

How do you feel Egypt's nightlife scene has changed musically, since you began?

Nageeb: In my opinion, it was very good between 2004 and 2008 and after that the quality faded, however it bounced back in 2012 and now I think Egypt has started to go back in the right track in nightlife.

Where have you played so far? What have been your most memorable gigs?

Nageeb: We've played in many places in and out of Cairo in the past year. Tamarai, Cairo Jazz, O bar, The Tap, Venue, Graffiti, Du Port El Gouna, Color Beach Hurghada and Pacha Sharm el Shiekh. The most memorable was at Color Beach last Easter; it was really a day to remember. To be honest, most of our events are very memorable.

Which DJs, locally and internationally do you like?

Nageeb: There are many extremely talented local DJs that we like, however we don't want to mention specific names because we don't want to forget anyone! With international DJs there are many, like Carl Cox, Dub Fire, Mark Knight, Hot Since 82, Umek, Booka Shade, Sharam Jay and Croatia Squad. For sure, we like and support the super Egyptian talents Aly & Fila as well.

What do you think is the most important aspect of creating a good set?

Nageeb: Mixing skills and track selection are the most important aspects.

Do you have a go to track you play which you know will bring the crowd to their feet?

Nageeb: A lot but two tracks stand out: Our remix for DJ Carlos & Vega - Butterfly and our remix for Max Vertigo & SevenEver - Shakeee.

What can we expect from you guys at Graffti with the 'We R Somebody' party?

Nageeb: We expect the party at Graffiti to be a really nice event, the place is great and matches our music. We'll also have a surprise for the guests. Our big dream for 'We R Somebody' is that it will continue to grow in the future and become an international event.

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