Thursday July 25th, 2024
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Da Begad?

An ingenious little app that promises to uncover bogus news stories, photos and all that other crap that flood our social media feeds, we give Da Begad a go.

Staff Writer

Da Begad?

In today's world of fast paced communication, online memes, virtual stardom and sensationalist journalism, it's becoming harder and harder to tell fact from fiction. Add to that Egypt's love for shoddy Photoshop jobs and every day you see a picture or story circulating that makes you bawl at your screen in disbelief. Pictures from Country A will be put on a story about Country Z and no one, at first glance, will think the wiser.

Your mind flips back and forth between the possible reality of it before someone else pipes in with their opinion and soon everyone is arguing online as to whether it's real or not, further escalating the stupidity. aims to change all that. It's an ingenious Arabic and English Facebook app and website that allows you to submit images, posts and stories that you know are 100% fake or are possibly fake and it'll tell you if it's bullshit, and why. You can submit a bogus post if it has 300 shares or more and hasn't already been featured on the site.

So next time you see a photo of an Egyptian child born with three heads, Cristiano Ronaldo in an Ahly shirt or story stating Burger King are using penguin meat, remember to ask: da begad?

Check them out on Facebook for Arabic and English versions.