Thursday December 7th, 2023
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Dance Apocalypse

We’re not normally the betting type, but right now, our money’s on the Mayans. After all, they predicted the Black Hole, and anyone who’s ever been to City Stars can confirm its existence.

Staff Writer

by the Mayans’ estimate, the world as we know it will end this month, so we’re pretty sure our days are numbered.

But before you go all mass hysteria on us, worrying about everything you have to do before the inevitable destruction of mankind, we suggest you take the glass half full approach to the situation. With all the time you DON’T have left, you can’t possibly complete any of your obligations so you might as well stop all productivity now and start sipping from that glass – which by the way is really large and holding vodka, with a side of popcorn for good measure. See how things are looking up already?

Now that you’re half drunk and ready to see the world through cosmo-coloured lenses, it’s time to ring in the annihilation in style, and there’s no better way than by dancing yourself to death at Cairo Jazz Club’s Dance Apocalypse, where the party won’t end until the world does.

The number one regret of people on their death beds is that they didn’t spend enough time with loved ones, and let’s face it, there might be no stronger love in this city than our collective love for Jazz Club, so Dance Apocalypse is the obvious spot to spend your dying day. And if anyone is still feeling glum about certain doom, this next bit will cheer you up: DJ MMohasseb will be spinning his deep house sounds all night. His music will surely have you dancing so hard that death will be the last thing on your mind. We promise you’ll be in such ecstasy when the planet implodes that you’ll head straight to Nirvana.

So make sure you’re at Cairo Jazz Club on the 21st to dance like there’s no tomorrow – ‘Cause if the Mayans have their way, there wont be.