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Dandy Mall Invites You To Shop To The Beat

We need more live concerts! Dandy Mall heeds our prayers this 12th of June with one of the most original acts hitting their stage.

Honestly sometimes all you need is a day out to stroll in the mall, catch up with your shopping, spend quality family time and grab a satisfying cup of hot coffee. Sometimes you find malls that have that but it’s like you need to walk around compass in hand in order to find everything you want, overwhelmed by so many shops you end up getting nothing done. That’s why we appreciate Dandy Mega Mall: it is clear and straightforward, all your favourite shops stand before you. The cherry on top of the cake is the live performance by underground Egyptian band Basata who will be playing on June 12th at 7PM.

Dandy Mega Mall sets the bar high for local malls in Egypt by thinking out of the box. Instead of listening to the droning of typical elevator music that makes you want to slit your wrists rather than focus on your shopping task at hand, you get a live performance from Basata. 

Basata is an Egyptian favourite because they stay true to their roots with a twist, using oud, tabla and on the other side of the spectrum the cello and guitar with lyrics by young poets in order to produce inventive melodies. The group’s motto is to produce creative and beautiful melodies that have a sense of purpose, “close to the heart, deep and make you think.” 

Find out more about Dandy Mega Mall here.